Home: No response from all Apple Home devices and no Apple Home Invites showing

Okay, we have no less than 119 connections (most are burglar alarm points) and with Apple Home in the last week, they’ve all suddenly become unavailable. It could be because of iOS 16.5

The Airplay to our HomePod Mini’s work and the fixes are pretty draconian. Like, reset all your devices. I can’t tell you how impractical this is, so here is what we’ve tried, and the last thing that worked

  • All the devices have been on auto-update which may be the mistake so they have the latest HomePod 16.4
  • I rebooted the Phillips Hue hub. I can change the lights from the app. There is a rumble of some sort of long-running bug but it’s been working fine before. So I’m not sure that is the problem.
  • The Homebridge showed running fine but not rebooted. No change in any versions that I could fine
  • I checked to see if I was on the latest architecture. This you do by going to your iPhone and looking at Home Settings and looking for the upgrade architecture
  • The recommendations are to reset everything. Ok, that’s a little impractical. And to reset the whole Wi-Fi network.
  • What finally worked was going to home settings and then seeing which HomePod was the Connected hub and disconnecting it
  • This caused the system to momentarily say no hubs available but then another HomePod took over and it is all fine

Net, try unplugging the connected hub if you have more than one and see if failover works.

Invites not showing up: Apple Home borked, Reinstall on PHone

Another problem is we can’t get invites to show up in another account. The help is useless. That account is complaining about needing to upgrade all accounts for the latest architecture which makes no sense.

I later figured out that on the end-user iPhone, Apple Home was completely borked. So I actually had to delete the Apple Home application from the phone and then suddenly the invites came in properly

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