net: what’s the right temperature for Unifi Dream Machines

Paul asked me a great question. He has a UDM running in a hot room and the temperature is 83C. That sounds pretty terribly warm but the room is 30C ambient.

So that got me to wondering. First where is the CPU temperature anyway. (I can’t wait for all computer interfaces to go natural language so I can just ask “what is your temperature?”)

But it turns out finding the temperature isn’t easy. It does not appear in the mobile application. You have to go to the web interface and it is in Console > About Console. The name console is so confusing. That sounds like a user interface but it isn’t it’s the entire piece of hardware. By the way ignore what you are in Google. Now of the links are for UDMs or UDM Pros.

But the UDMs running firmware 2.x seem for us to be running colder at 70-76C. While one we have that is firmware 3.x is running at 77C but the ambients are definitely lower. Because we also have Apple HomePod minis we can estimate the ambients at 23C for the 76C UDM,

The other ones are down but gives you a sense net net an 86C in a 30C environment seems not out of bounds.

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