tech: Installing your Synology DS1824+

Ok, my new Synology RS2423+ has been sitting on the floor of my server room for months and now it’s finally time to get it running. It took a long time because I first wanted to make sure my Synology DS-2413+ was backed up, this is an awesome 12-drive server and it is working well. But, I want to move to all rack mount and now that my older Synology DS1812+ is at the end of life, it seems to make sense every 10 years to get a new one.

Setup and Configuration

I got a decent deal on this from Newegg and it is a 19″ rackmount system that is designed for a slide-in and-out tray. We actually have a 23″ EIA rack and I got rabbit ears for it, but they don’t really fit, so I just used a spare tray and stuck it there. The EIA Rack is a two-post rack so this actually turns out to be fine, I found with my UniFi 48 port router that it was too long and needed rear support to stay up.

One detail is that this thing has a 10Gb Ethernet port, so I got a UTP Ethernet connection for our UniFi and it just worked, so 10Gbps backplane is great.

The other note is the drive order is top to bottom and left to right. So make sure you put the drives in the right way. These are completely toolless disk cassettes by the way which is great.

I got a nice collection of Seagate EXOS X20 drives (pretty cheap given the low demand for computers).

Software Setup via

Wow, they did an amazing job with the setup, after you type this URL in, it actually does an update and downloads the later DSM operating system. And then it goes through a 2FA setup (which is pretty confusing and failed for me), but they have passkey which is great, and also the more traditional 2FA

Seagate Drive bad

One sad thing is that one of the Seagate drives appears to be bad, nice thing about a 5-year warranty though, so this one is going back.

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