tech: NordVPN Threat Protection off when using ChatGPT history

OK, a quick note, I found that on some machines, my ChatGPT session would not show any history. Lots of experimentation, but NordVPN Threat Protection blocks the history on ChatGPT. Ghostery works fine and you can use a VPN, but not Threat Protection. Go figure.

I also had to turn off my UniFi Ad Blocking because it was blocking another site but I’ve forgotten which and will post when I find out where the conflict is, but in general, if you are having trouble with websites, then you need to turn off the blockers in turn to figure it out. If you are like me there are three levels:

  1. Browser. Ghostery is my ad blocker here. It has a nice pause on this site feature
  2. Computer. I use NordVPN for ad blocking (it’s called threat protection) and for VPN. Since this is machine-wide, you have to remember to turn it on.
  3. Network. I use UniFi and they have ad blocking also at the network level. This is the grossest level of protection but is good if you have folks who aren’t good at hygiene.

Most often it is Ghostery, but you have to keep trying each turn

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