home: The nightmare that is NordVPN Threat Protection and Bonjour and do not use Localdomain for HP Color LaserJet Pro M478f Printing and Homebridge

OK, I’ve been really struggling with accessing this printer. The HP Color LaserJet would work but every time I tried to use it again, my Mac would say not found.

The real clue came when I tried to access my Homebridge at homebridge.local and it worked fine on my phone but not on my Mac. So now I knew it was something local. I was somehow inspired to look at my network settings again. I saw that NordVPN was off and before I could just leave Protect on, but then I remembered that it actually installs its own DNS server and masks the local DNS and I soon discovered all the Bonjour addresses.

When I went to use Discovery, I found that with Threat Protection I basically didn’t have any addresses, so the answer is to turn all of it off. And suddenly it all started working.

You can by the way debug your HP printer by figuring out its IP address and browsing the Web server to see if you can access it. Then you can use the HP Utility which is buried in /Applications/HP to connect to it.

I found the same thing with homebridge.local and that works fine. So I love NordVPN on the road but there is no setting to turn off threat protection in your home LAN.

The second issue is that I had set the domain of the printer to localdomain which is the UniFi “magic” domain. Removing that from the printer setup really seemed to help. Good luck!

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