wp: Unexpected a Theme can break redis object cache and debug cross-posting

Ok, things seem to be working great, but when I tried to switch from SwipeWP Theme to Pen theme and remove some plugins, I got a redis error, the actual redis object server crashed and even when I rebooted, it crashed again. I’m not sure why, but beware of this, the only way back seems to be to get into the server and remove /var/www/html/wp-config/wp-object.php or to systemctl restart redis.service.

That’s the last time I’m going to change a theme in a while.

Also, I had a chance to debug cross-posting. Right now to keep things free I have:

  1. Buffer plugin: this cross posts to Facebook, Xitter (private only), and LinkedIn
  2. JetBoost Social. They allow 30 posts a month, so I dump this on Tumbler (which I never use)
  3. Mastodon Autopost. This is a simple plugin that posts to my Mastodon account.

I still don’t have a way to automatically cross-post to two places where I would love to:

  1. Medium. There doesn’t seem to be a plug-in.
  2. Substack. It would be nice to make an automatic newsletter. The hunt goes on.

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