ht: New list of great Bass tracks for Home Theaters

OK, we finally figured out why the subwoofers stopped working. Silly, but after 15 years, apparently a common problem is that the auto-power-on circuit fails. That is what happened with our JL Audio Fathom f112 subwoofers. They are an incredible 1,800 watts of power per subwoofer, so they are pretty mean and have a 3-inch excursion to pump some air. But according to Tom, this is a common failure, so now that they are back up and running, time to test them again. And see how the 25 Hertz roll-off works 🙂 and how it sounds.

In the past I’ve had a list of good movies for subwoofers, but here are some great sequences. If you have the Blu-rays, they are going to sound even better than anything streamed:

  1. Edge for Tomorrow Opening. The opening sequence will have you reaching for your remote to turn it down. The effect is great at the start. The first 30 seconds are amazing! I love it because yes there is real 10 Hertz in it.
  2. Apollo 13 Launch. Saturn V what can I say?
  3. Interstellar Wormhole. The incredible effects of moving to the Gargantua are just incredible
  4. War of the Worlds First Walker. Check out Chapter 5 when the alien ship comes out of the pavement
  5. Tron: Legacy Lightbike. Not a great film, but The Lightbie Race is a great low-frequency
  6. Master and Commander Battle scenes. The cannonballs really rock.
  7. Blade Runner: 2049 Ship Landing Opening Scene. The crashes at the beginning and the fight are incredible.
  8. Mad Max Fury Road. Just lots of rock and roll and crashes, but starts 40 minutes before the end with the arrival of the Polecats.
  9. John Wick. The Red Circle Club scene is just so good and a real test of your surround sound system

And here are the scenes you can just play with this webpage up and running. It won’t be as powerful as the real Blu-ray UHD but it’s a good list to try:

Edge of Tomorrow Opening Sequence
Apollo 13 Rocket Launch Scene
Interstellar Wormhole
War of the Worlds the War Begins
Tron: Legacy Light Bikes
Master and Commander Other Side of the World Battle of Acheron
Blade Runner 2049 Opening Scene
Mad Max Fury Road: Polecats
John Wick Red Circle Club

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