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Ugh, American Express Chat does not like Ad Blockers

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Well, if you are smart, you are using Adblockers and anti-tracking technology. I find that even with Safari, and the Mac stuff, you still need more technology. I use Ghostery on Safari and uBlock Origin (and yes I’ve temporarily forgotten which one of the variants() I’m using on Chrome and Firefox. And also NordVPN which…

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Mars 2020 Perseverance

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Wow during this Pandemic, Climate Change, Fake News, Inequity, it is hard to remember some of the good things in life. While it might be a huge long-term, not very clear use of money, it does inspire to think about the achievements that show the hope for the future. ICMYI, quite a lot of amazing…

So what happens when you click on a pop over… hacked computer, stolen credit card

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Well this is a really common hack, Garret. But without the right protections it’s super easy to go to Google, search for something and end up on a scam website. Then you will get a pop up and it says “You’ve been hacked call this number.” Then they will take/steal your credit card number. Have…


WordPress Tips: embeds and LinkedIn Publicize

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Ok, some quick news for WordPress geeks: One of the great things with WordPress is the ability to publicize your posts automatically on Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is buried deep in the marketing tab of your website, but the problem is that LinkedIn keeps saying it doesn’t connect. It’s a known bug with WP-Calypso probably…

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Podcast: 2021-02-16 Podcasts, ISPs, Tesla Model 3, Webscraping, Emojis, and MacBook Airs

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Well, continuing the basically weekly podcast on You can subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Google, Tunein or Stitcher Podcast as well or search for “Rich Tong” in your Podcast application. I skipped Sunday because it was Valentine’s day, but hopefully will stay on the every Sunday track. The main thing is that I go through…

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Making Podcast: Noise Gate and what the heck is routined anyway

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OK, I’m off making my weekly podcast show and I’ve finally figure out how to turn off all the echos and other things that are on in GarageBand, but here are some notes: When you create a new GarageBand, the most annoying thing are all the automatic things that are happening. First of all I…

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Geek Post: Git Bash Completion Mysteries and shoutouts to gx and git vimdiff magic

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Well time for the geek post of the week. A new feature, I’m labeling my really nerdy programming hacks. So don’t bother reading unless you have this exact problem. Command Completion Basics OK I admit it I’ve gotten kind of spoiled. One of the advances features of shells is what is called Tab Completion. This…

Home internet problems and should I use Two Internet Service Providers?

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Tl:dr So Paul asked me for a friend, should I get a second internet provider. Things are slow at home. Most of the time probably not. Make sure it’s not a problem inside then upgrade to the fastest you can afford do watch fir expensive data caps. Decoder ring The decoder ring for the below…

Tesla Model 3 Replacement Wiper Blades

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I can’t believe I just spent 20 minutes of my life reading about wiper blade replacements but like anything with tesla might as well learn it all. The short story is that you can get various 26″ and 19″ blades but the issue is the adapter to get them on the tesla. Some require clipping…