photos: Getting ready for Eclipse 2024 ND10000 filters

Well, it’s time to get ready for the coming total eclipse and the last time we did this in 2017, I had a Canon 5D Mark II and got an elcheapo solar filter and it worked OK. I had a 70-200mm lens and got some decent images, but nothing that sharp. This time around, I […]

tech: Installing your Synology DS1824+

Ok, my new Synology RS2423+ has been sitting on the floor of my server room for months and now it’s finally time to get it running. It took a long time because I first wanted to make sure my Synology DS-2413+ was backed up, this is an awesome 12-drive server and it is working well. […]

Tech: Transition of MagSafe 3-in-1 Chargers systems as Qi2 and power increases

Ok, here are the links, and the deeper technical issues but basically, MagSafe can charge at 7.5W, 10W or 15W and the more expensive devices support this. The bigger change is that Qi2 is coming, these only work with iPhone 15, but will be compatible with them. So if you can hold off a bit, […]

car: MagSafe Car Mounts with big Magnets

I’ve been using the ESR HaloLock MagSafe which is just $22 right now on Black Friday and it mainly works well. It is true that if you hit a big bump or you have a Pro Max, it has a tendency to have the phone pop off. So off to Popular Mechanics, Gear Patrol to […]

Tech: protecting yourself from hackers

Mark told me that a buddy of his was SIM cloned and lost access to everything from his credit cards to bank to phone account, so be warned, they are out there. It looks like it might have been at a public WiFi, but from the description either a Zero-day attack (so he had less […]

life: On Thanksgiving and of Grit and Purpose

I’m going to do a series of posts that summarize the macro environment and the changing world around us. Now I know this will be controversial (and thank god this is not going to Twitter or Xwitter, you can figure out the pronunciation). Christmas is coming and I have to write my memo to Victor, […]

Tech: Meta Ray-Ban Glasses actually work for us ADD folks who listen in parties

Holy crap, these Meta glasses are pretty terrific. I agree the camera isn’t that great, but note to all they are wonderful for two (and a half) specific purposes: First of all, for those of you who are ADD and want a way to listen to a podcast or book tape when a meeting is […]

mac: Getting UHD 4K HDR Streaming Working on Apple Silicon MacBook

Well, this is actually much harder than you think and it is not super well documented (and most of that documentation is not for the latest MacOS Sonoma), so here goes. Change UI to “More space” The first problem is that with the MacBook Pro’s XDR panel, the native resolution is basically 4x more dense […]

tech: Transfer speeds USB 2 vs Thunderbolt 2 limited by Disk fragmentation

OK, this was a bit of a surprise. As mentioned before, we just transferred 20TB of data from a DroboPro on USB 2.0 and got a consistent 30MBps read speed. This is consistent with what Cisco says a typical USB controller can actually handle. At 480Mbps half duplex transfer rates, this is actually pretty close […]

tech: rsync to copy file with -avP no -c

OK, I’ve made many mistakes here with rsync where I picked the wrong flag. For a long time, I’ve wanted to use the -c or checksum flag and mistakenly thought this meant that rsync would checksum the files after the copy. This isn’t the case, what happens is that rsync will ignore the date, time, […]

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