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dev: submodule organization and dealing with private submodules in GitHub actions

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One of the cool things that GitHub handles pretty well is changing your company’s organization. For instance, if you have a secret name, say Acme, then you create an organization and your main repo could be in, but what if you want to change your name? Then you just click at the top and…

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Roundup(dev, podcast): Commitlint for blogs, Using the Apple Globe Key, the history and usage of .profile and .rc files, and restarting podcasts

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OK, inspired by the really cool Commitlint project which ensures you don’t just type “fix” when you do a git commit, I learned about a standard Conventional Commit format to make the lines useful. Basically, you can load into commitlint a standard set of rules for a pattern that looks like this: This seems silly,…

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LensRentals rocks on DSLR AF Microadjustment, Sensor cleaning, and buying cameras

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Well for a variety of crazy reasons we just drove 11 hours to Montana. It was a great trip and an easy way to see some beautiful country (with suitably scary revelations), but one of the highlights was listening to the LensRentals Podcast. I first started using LensRentals an incredible 9 years ago and they…