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Quick tips: Chase Freedom Quarterly Bonus for Amazon does not work for the Canadian site and the Lyft bonus

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OK, some quick notes, if you are way too focused like me on credit card savings, then the Chase Freedom quarterly bonus is pretty impressive, basically, every quarter they give you 5x points up to $1,500 in spend in a set of categories. You can find all of this at and yes Chase has…

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Using Google Chrome for offline Google Docs and in the dark effectively instead of Vivaldi and iPadOS 3, 4 and even 5 finger gestures

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I normally do not use Google Chrome or because it is so invasive, so I use which has search results without tracking, and Vivaldi which is the open-source Chromium with some extras. However, I’ve found today that I have to use Google Chrome for one specific use case. The problem is that…

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Google Docs and Word Document Section Breaks Fn-Del and Ctrl-D is your friend

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Ok, want to get super obscure, I just converted a Word document into a Google Doc. This normally works super well, but it was driving me crazy that sometimes I would see a page break and I couldn’t delete it. And when trying to type it would have really strange behavior, I couldn’t for instance…

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Apple Universal Control, Extend Display, and mechanical Keyboard setup for the perfect three monitor setup

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OK, I’m spending the entire Memorial Day weekend writing up patents and things, so being efficient has never been more important. So as I sit here typing away, it seems like a good idea to go through how to get this all set up properly for maximum efficiency. So here are the parts: MacBook Pro…