home: Robovacs the Roborock S8+ or S7 MaxV

Well, I was about to get a Roborock S7 as the best choice for Apple Home-enabled vacuum cleaner. I actually ordered it from Walmart and then returned it when I discovered the Roborock S8 was announced at CES. It does seem like there are so many improvements happening right now that the right approach is […]

pod: Zoom lag and OBS Virtual camera hang and dim

OK, we had a great podcast session today, and here are the big lessons The Tweaks: 4K Zoom integration is awesome when it works but beware hands and Lag Almost all the issues are now with the OBS to Zoom integration, but the big ones are: Fixing the lag in Final Cut Pro If you […]

Pod: Remastered podcasts are all up!

This is just part of learning the system but I republished the remastered versions that bump the SDR pieces to pseudo HDR with HDR Tools. They look pretty good in my iPhone which is awesome! The regrading causes Final Cut Pro to hang for several minutes as it renders away but it’s pretty cool. Anyway […]

vid: Regrading SDR to HDR at how many nits.

Ok, this has been a really confusing topic that I have to keep reminding myself how it works. But basically, a nit or more properly cd/m^2 Is a measure of how bright a screen is. SDR or standard definition has a range of basically 0 to 100 nits. But high definition range or HDR can […]

Mac: making iCloud+ Sharing work and iPhone Activation flakiness

Ok one issue with Apple iCloud+ is that there’s a limit of six family members (family size-ists!) So we had to create two families and have some duplicate IDs. This family sharing is pretty odd and requires three steps to get going: This took an entire day to get this right. The main reason to […]

tech: Transients suck of Mac Proxy at port 41000 or do and B80587C2 blue screen of death on HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw and ChatGPT is not useful

Wow sucky transient problems are the worst. Here are my two of the week… Mac Browsers stopped working As really strange problem. But the jynenety worked fine but not of the browsers did. Safari, Firefox and Chrome all reported no connection and a proxy problem. When I get these I always disable my NordVPN which […]

pod: YouTube Podcast meta data confusion

Well, I just spend an day remastering all our podcasts because heck, the colors were bothering me, they look great thanks to the use of HDR Tools and Apple HEVC 10-bit and it only took 2 hours to process this whole mess (so we are running at over 30 fps on an M1 Max). YouTube […]

vid: The confusion that is a 4K Video HDR Workflow

Just like finally getting a great HDR still image workflow, getting one for video is just as challenging, with the camera setup, I have a special Spyder calibrator with DisplayCal and then getting out true 14-bit RAW output and then using DxO and other systems to get RAW output as well as finally getting to […]

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