pod: OBS Audio Filters, Final Cut Pro HDR and Google Drive backups

OK, we just had another good podcast session and it seems like there are always more notes to take, but dividing the tips for the novice Podcast person, so starting from the top, here is what I’ve learned OK, so our workflow is not OBS which feeds Zoom with a scene output and does the […]

dt2: Fueling your Startup with Great Investors

This is our second attempt at this and we’ve discovered that Zoom can get into a mode where it is just very slow but a complete reboot seems to help. We also have a host of tricks with OBS, but see what you think. YouTube Video Podcast The Podcast version Spotify also has a video […]

apps: The confusion that is between Microsoft Alumni 365 and Xbox Live

OK, every year, I get a new key from the Microsoft Alumni. This is a nice benefit (although I confess I don’t use Office that much), but I can never remember how to use the key, so here’s a quick guide: I know I’ll be referring to this every year 🙂

blog: Auto posting to other social media

Well, this used to be super easy, the JetPack share post allowed unlimited sharing across Facebook, LinkedIn (and a horrible site that rhymes with Wither). But now they’ve just installed a check where you “only” get 30 cross-posts a month. With the volume that I’ve been running, it’s hard to stay under that limit. Connecting […]

DT1: Deon and Tong Pipelines RUs!

Here is the YouTube link for the video podcast: The first Podcast and I find that I have no less than three podcast players in my WordPress, so apologies. The first is something called Podcast Player which seems broken. The second one is also called PodCast Player, but it seems like it provides a long […]

ops: Push to Netlify with multiple private submodules using a “dummy” user

Ok, this area of Netlify is super confusing, but basically, there is the concept of a deployment key and this appears to work if you have a private submodule but not all the time. GitHub has this limit where you can only use a single SSH key per user or per deployment key in a […]

Pod: Tweaks and edits for podcasts on MacOS

Ok a few quick notes. As we ramp to two podcasts a week: The workflow works well. Start with Freeform notes and have some topics you care about and folks who are used to Zoom which is just about the entire world The technical pipeline is to use Open Broadcaster Software Studio. OBS Inputs. With […]

pt2: What’s all this about 100B years?

Well, we did the second-best thing I’ve ever done in my life which is the second podcast. This is our first podcast that uses Open Broadcast Studio (OBS) for video production. Still rough, but the browser screen is now center stage (and it didn’t need some fancy mixing controller, it just worked by piping in […]

edc: Of pens and pencils, Rotring 600, Pilot C743 FA Extended Feed, and C823 FA dreams

Sometimes I feel like in 2023, I’m at two ends of the spectrum where I love the newest things like iPads for notetaking and the Apple Watch (go Ultra!), but it does make me nostalgic for traditional things from 200 years ago. So here’s a quick list of old-fashioned Everyday Carry (EDC), so here’s a […]

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