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review, guide: Do not get the Lo & Sons Hakuba backpack, do get the Peak Design Travel backpack and new notes on Camera straps

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Well, I made a mistake, we’ve had such a good experience with the Lo & Son’s original Travel Bag O.G. 2, it was so reliable with a lifetime warranty. In fact, after 10 years, we actually got a second one that is a little larger. The mistake was that they have dramatically extended their product…

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review: Lutron Caseta, , F77 Keyboard, Garmin Dash Mini 2, ASUS X13 Flow, Li-ion upgrade to Cyberpower and iOS 16 Customization

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Ok, I don’t often do this, but when I go out and review things and buy them, I nearly always have a quick set of thoughts afterward when I initially install the products, so going from a buying guide to a quick review to a long term review is the plan. You will also see…

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apple: 2022 Fall purchases for Watch and iPhone, hold for iPad and MacBook Pros

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Well, it’s an interesting time in the Apple lifecycle, basically, the next generation chips are out, so the iPhone 14 Pro gets the new A16 in 4nm and the low-end MacBook Air and Pro 13 get the new M2 in 5nm. So the performance improvements are massive, about 20% for M1 to M2, but still…