COVID-19 Music

OK, in these times, sometime it seems like a good music playlist is just so vital, so here are some that we’ve been listening to: Hotel Costes Curated Lists. If you sometime need to feel like you in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, there is nothing like the playlist that this cool boutique hotel has. […]

Week 7 of Life in COVID-19 Land

Well it’s been nearly two months since we started self isolation. Since that last trip, I’ve been in the physical presence of four strangers which is pretty remarkable (always masked up). Some notes on living this way: Goodness, nerds like me are dangerous, but a combination of Zoom and work keeps me busy. This is […]

Latest COVID-19 statistics

Well, the core news sources I use show that the tail down in Washington State is happening. Even Uncle Dave is talking about it and California is tailing down as well, so we are to the “dance” part while we wait for an effective treatment or a vaccine. For basic reading, there is an absolute […]

Zoom Security Upgrade and 2FA resets

Ok, Zoom says they are at over 300M users (from 200M a few weeks ago!). So for all of you using it, some tips and tricks: You should turn on 2FA. That actually isn’t super easy because you turn it on in admin > Advanced > Security pane and then actually connect it with the […]

COVID-19 Things to Watch and Ways to Buy

OK, been spending lots of time at home. Here are some fun things to do: The COVID-19 One World: Together at Home. What an uplifting concert. Made me smile and cry at the same time. Maluma, Kacey Musgrave, Keith Urban, they were all so awesome! The 7PM New Yorker Cheer. Wow. And if you are […]

Free books for COVID-19 quarantine

Do getting tired of watching TV. Well as we wait it out there are some good resources: You local libraries. No they are not closed. Get a virtual card and use Libby to read and listen to audiobooks. Apple Books has free classics and even audiobooks in their library. Some great kid ones too. Amazon […]

Marketing in time of crisis

Had a great conversation with Yohai, Micah, Rebecca and Tim over a Zoom cocktail party yesterday. The conversation rolled around to how does one talk about oneself and ones company in difficult times. While it’s tempting just to stop all marketing as no one is going to buy things. And organic traffic is way down […]

What can a startup or small business do to stay alive in the Covid catastrophe

Ok hat tip to Tom, Rick, Will and Keith for inspiring this post. But if you are a small business what can you do. FWIW I’ve never run a small business so I don’t know much about that, but I have worked with startups (and even been in one), but here are some great words […]

The ultimate Covid-19 Home Office

OK, I’ve gone from spending an hour in my home working to nine Zoom calls on Friday and then working until 10PM on various projects (Covid response, helping companies survive, investment funds, etc.). So suddenly having the right home office setup has become really important. So help the economy and order some stuff, but here […]

Contribute your computer to understanding Corona virus

You can use either Folding@home or Rosetta@home to do this. It’s not completely clear how to do this so some instructions: Folding@home. It works best is you have a computer with a GPU. It is doing simulations while you are sleeping in a huge network. The client isn’t in `scoop` as far as I can […]

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