Contribute your computer to understanding Corona virus

You can use either Folding@home or Rosetta@home to do this. It’s not completely clear how to do this so some instructions:

  1. Folding@home. It works best is you have a computer with a GPU. It is doing simulations while you are sleeping in a huge network.
  2. The client isn’t in `scoop` as far as I can tell, so you need to do the download
  3. The critical thing is that you have to set Team Id that is dedicated to Corona Virus, otherwise you will get some random projec, so set it to `Other Project` and then you can use the Reddit Covid team number which is 236269. Although when I restarted it, it gave me some other random project. I’m not clear on how to force Covid only. The other projects are of course worthy, but this seems critical
  4. Then you should be able to start it. I set it to idle only and hopefully you have the computer that will save the world. Just leave the computer running and it will use your GPU.
  5. If you want to get credit, then you need to fill out a form to get a passkey to identify you uniquely to the system. There is logon.

The thing is a little weird as it is a backup startup task so when you want to control it, it brings up a webpage in your browser.

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