!>! “Deathride”: John reminded me about this ride sounds like fun if you are in shape! bq. Beginning and ending at Turtle Rock Park north of Markleeville, California, the five pass ride includes 129 miles and 15,000+ feet of lung busting climbing. You also have the option of riding one, two, three or four passes. […]

Tour de France

Well Lance isn’t in it this year and just about every major star (Ivan Basso, Jan Ulrich, Vino, etc.) are out on a doping scandal, so its been interesting following things. See it on Tour de France 2006 blog for blog commentary. “Yahoo”: also has good coverage with particularly easy to find “photos”:

Great for repairs

When it comes to bicycle repair, it really depends on the individual. The guy who runs the Montlake Bike Shop. I know, I’ve forgotten his name is great. He won’t oversell and he doesn’t laugh if it is old.

Of course, if you really need a good repair, private mail me Andy, I’m pretty good at it!

Also, if you have a gnarly repair, then try Randy over at Gregg’s Bellevue Cycle.

10% off from Performance

Performance Bike – Home for all your cycling needs!. There is a special if you used to be a “Supergo” lover. Enter the code 66298151 and get 10% off. It is kind of sad to see the various discount outlets and other online places dry up on the web. Right now, Excelsports and Colorado Cyclists […]

Bike Stand

!>! news and analysis. Phil got one last week and I’m amazed at how good a truly nice a stable one can be. This ones is the Ultimate Pro Elite for $250 list, but the knock-off from “Performance”: is just $140 right now. It is a nice one. The main thing being that it […]

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