Canon EOS M review and analysis of Camera platforms.

Canon EOS M review: was Canon’s first mirrorless ILC worth the four-year wait? — Engadget. Well, the EOS M is a long time in coming and a long way late. I’m somewhat sad that the latest Canon release (6D, 5D3) have been relatively lackluster compared with all the exciting things happening. Here’s a review summary […]

Canon 5D II

OMG, hat tip to “John”:, there is hope for humanity, on April 22nd, “”: and some “additional specs”: reports that there will be a new Canon 5D, the specs are amazing. Drool, drool for those of us with Canons who are feeling bad with the incredible D300 that they have over in Nikon world: * […]

Digital SLR Recommendations

I’m biased. While, the small handheld cameras are nice, for really great image quality, you do need a nice dSLR because of lense quality. Right now, the leaders are Nikon, Canon and Sony is coming on strong. All have shipped new cameras at the entry level now with the Canon EOS 450D. “Cameralabs”: has a […]

Another Sigma Review

I’m so torn as to whether or not getting the Sigma 18-200 OS makes sense. reports it is soft at 35mm, but pretty good at 18, 50 and 200mm. The review shows that it has better image quality at 200mm than the much acclaimed Nikon 18-200mm. Rick at “”: reports the same thing, […]

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