Camera Cleaning

Well, my camera is dirty on the _inside_. The internal sensor is dirty. “Bob”: says that you need some special tools from I’d recommend getting the wipes, the fluid, and the wand for serious cleaning from “”: that will cost you about $25 overall: * “SensorWand 14mm for Cleaning 1.5x & 1.6x Sensors”:// This is […]

P26U Small Camera Plate

If you have a fancy tripod, you need a special dove-tail plate that works with Arca-Swiss type quick release clamps (Arca, Boga, Kirk, Markins and Wimberly). They are expensive at $45 but perfect for video cameras that go on fancy ballheads like the markins q10 on my tripod. See the “Nikonians”: to order it. Powered […]

SDHC Cards

The Nikon d40x uses the high speed SDHC flash card. You can now get 4GB versions of these things. Canon uses the bigger CompactFlash card. “Sandisk”: for instance has one that is 2MBps or Class 2. As an aside an SD card is 2GB or less, an SDHC card is next generation that is 4GB […]

Nikon d40x and 18-55 or 18-200 lense

If you have Nikon (unlike me!) then what’s the best choice for a prosumer right now? Probably the d40x based on “”: It is a 10 megapixel camera and streets for just $600. Plus the kit lenses are good. The “18-135”: is sharp, but has big problems with vignetting and with chromatic aberration plus distortion. […]

Tamron 18-250 superzoom for Canon

Well Nikon (the “Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G DX VR AF”: makes are nice superzoom that is a good reference standard for superzoom. Iisn’t fast and does have optical distortion (0.73% barrel at 18mm so you’ll want to use DxO, vignetting everywhere below f/6.3 and it is good for 8×10 from 18-100, pretty good for 5×7 at […]

Indoor Sports Lenses 135mm F/2 or 100mm F/2 or 70-200 F2.8

Well with the lenses I know I have, I cover just about every situation well but indoor sports for things like basketball. The 100-400 is just too slow but has great zoom with the 1.6x lense factor, so everything looks blurry. The 24-105 F4/L is also too slow as I need 1/500-1/1000 second to freeze […]

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