Large sensor compacts


Now that my personal list of cameras is settling down to the Sony Nex 7 (updating soon) and Fuji X-E1, I'm wondering about a true compact camera with a very wide angle Lense. A perfect camera for low light and high performance but potentially simpler and smaller.
Here are some choices. All of these can use the eyefi to wirelessly transmit images. Ming Thien has done a great job of doing some of these reviews and has a goodoverview:

  • Sony RX-1. At $3k not exactly cheap but it is a full frame 24 mp sensor with a 35mm f/2 Lense. Heck you could nearly take landscapes in the dark with it!
  • Nikon Coolpix A is a aps-c compact with a 18.5mm f/2.8 Lense (28mm equivalent) which is . $1100. When mated with the $60 WU-1a, it transmits a photo to any android device over wifi. Ming Thien has done a nice review covering the issues. The high price at $1,100, the slow autofocus and the relatively slow lense
  • Ricoh Gr-1. This is a potentially quite interesting camera
  • Sony RX-1. I don't know if should even mention this as it has an astronomical nearly $3k price for a fixed lense full frame sensor.