Camera Cleaning

Well, my camera is dirty on the _inside_. The internal sensor is dirty. “Bob”: says that you need some special tools from

I’d recommend getting the wipes, the fluid, and the wand for serious cleaning from “”: that will cost you about $25 overall:

* “SensorWand 14mm for Cleaning 1.5x & 1.6x Sensors”:// This is a magic thingy that you wrap pad around and then soak with Eclipse to clean the sensor
* “Eclipse Cleaning System”: This is the actual cleaning fluid
* “Pec-Pad Lint Free Wipes”: This is the wipe that you put around the SensorWand stick

And for light cleaning:

“D-SLR Brush – Sensor Cleaning Brush for 1.5x & 1.6x Sensors”: This is a fine sensor cleaning brush. You blow air through the brush and it becomes statically charged. You lightly whisk across the sensor and the charge on the brush attracts dust. $25
* “Blowers”: They have a set of air blowers. The cheapest is the Envi-Ro-Tech at $9 for compressed air. If you are going to do more, the CO2 Power Clean I is $20 with a 38 gram CO2 cartridge.

(Make sure you have a clean air supply… some canned air has residue in it).

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2 responses to “Camera Cleaning”

  1. brett Avatar

    Rich – I recently returned from a safari where my 20D sensor was filthy from all the lens changes in the field.

    After doing a lot of reading on forums, I settled on the dry cleaning method from
    Check out their equipment, it’s regarded as one of the best. You spin the special brush around in a motor to statically charge it and then use one simple swipe to clean the sensor without damaging it. They also have a chamber cleaning kit. It’s a lot more $$$ than the solution you mention, but worth the investment.

    [I’m sure you already know this, but your readers might be interested] To detect dust on your sensor do the following:

    – Use a zoom lens
    – focus the lens manually at infinity
    – put it in AV mode and stop it down to its smallest aperture
    – set the exposure compensation to +1 stop
    – photograph a solid white surface like a wall

    When you look at the shot on your PC, you’ll see all the speckles you never really wanted to see 🙂

  2. Fiebs Avatar

    Check with Kurt Kolb before you do this yourself. He walked me through the risks of self-cleaning your camera’s interior and it strikes me this is a job best left to the professionals.

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