iPad (2022) vs. iPad Air (2022): not many reasons to get an iPad Air

I had not realized how little the extra $100 or 20% more gets with the iPad Air. They both have touched, the same screen and cameras. The main difference is the M1 vs A15 processor but as most of us know there is very little difference in practice between the two. I’m going to try […]

Creating a Market Test with Instapage, Facebook, Google, Namecheap, Canva, Unsplash

There must be hundred different tutorial on this topic and the above is a mouthful but with a bucketful of applications for a less than $500 setup you can create rapid prototypes of user demand. TL;dr Instapage is a terrific web creation site with great templates for landing pages and even whole commerce systems. It […]

Best Websites for Searching Star Alliance Award Availability

Looking to book an award flight on a Star Alliance carrier? These are the best websites to use to find availability. The short answer is that ANA is the most accurate for figuring out availability if a little hard to read. Then comes Air Canada. The United site unfortunately often shows phantom awards that don’t […]

Fixing WordPress crashes on DigitalOcean Droplet

OK I get this about three weeks or so on our new DigitalOcean Droplet running WordPress. The good news is the JetPack does inform you when it dies. TL;dr If you have your WordPress created with the one-click Droplet under DigitalOcean it works great except that there is no swapfile, so with a 1GB RAM […]

What’s all this then about MacBook Pro and their cons

Mark sent me a note from some random person about how MacBook Pro’s are the stepchildren of the Apple world. The complaints which I’ve heard quite a bit come down to: The keyboard isn’t great. The updates have been slow. It doesn’t have enough ports with only USB C. I’ll be a little contrarian about […]

Update on sunglasses Julbo Aero Pro Zebra Light now the Julbo Aero Segment

Well, I’ve really loved the Julbo Aero Pro with photochromic lenses. I got them for $105 on Amazon which I now realize was an incredible deal from Backcountry as a closeout. Sad to say. But the aero pro with zebra light is really good. I got the ones which were Zebra Light lenses category 1-3 […]

Lightsail Multisite WordPress Tips and Tricks

OK, we’ve had this domain sort of working for the last month and here are some tips and tricks for doing this Multisite Fixing Security: SSH Keys Using your own SSH keys. Lightsail is really convenient. By default it creates an SSH key pair for every region that you have. This means that you don’t […]

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