How to Increase Media File Maximum Upload Size in WordPress and managing upload sizes

Wow WordPress is so complicated, there are a zillion different ways to change the maximum image upload size. With WordPress 5.x single site, while you can edit the maximum file size in wp-config.php, the easier way is to use a plugin that sets it called brilliantly, upload-max-file-size With Multisite WordPress 5.x, this again moved, but […]

Network Subsite User Registration – WordPress plugin |

Multisite WordPress is a little strange on registrations of users for commenting. Basically, the default is that you register only at the top level. That is there is a user that works across the entire network. You enable this in the Network Admin/Settings/Network Settings/Registration Settings. But then you need to add a plugin that let’s […]

WordPress the right way to import from a new to an old site.

Suppose you want to move from a to a new on another hoster. Here are the steps: First if you use WordPress Export/Import, the one quirk is that the export does not include the actual Media Library, instead, it includes URL links. That means that to do a swap, you need to leave […]

Argh Multisite WordPress and redirect loops with debugging and JetPack

Well for sure I’ve been having incredible problems with redirect loops. The symptom is the site just keeps looping with problems. This first started with iThemes Security where I had: The subsites kept redirecting back to the main site with the message that user creation was not available. They had really strange referrer URLs. Then […]

Installing WordPress on a DigitalOcean Droplet Redux

OK I had a chance to redo a droplet installation and I’m trying to make this the minimum path. There are so many different pieces that you need to know, so here is a guide that should help: First of all you need to buy a domain name. I use for this. With some […]

Beware MacOS Catalina not compatible with Sony A7RIII Firmware updates

Argh, Sony is such a strange company sometimes. But, with the update to MacOS Cataline (10.15), all their utilities break. The most important of which is firmware updates for the Sony A7R Mark III. The version 3.0 added human eye AF and animal eye AF and this won’t download properly with Catalina. YOu just have […]

First time in a long time I’ve wanted to play a video game

I got bored of video games about five years ago. They just all seemed the same. I used to love the realistic simulations of things. The original F-15 Strike Eagle (designed by Sid Meier and shipped by Microprose) was amazing. In fact, you can still run this game as F-15 Strike Eagle III on Windows […]

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