Dealing with Broadband in Seattle and paying $30 to avoid data charges. Argh!

Well we are unlucky enough to live in a part of Seattle where Comcast has a monopoly. Literally across the street, CenturyLink has gigabit fiber and about a mile away, Wave and Centurylink are duking it out. So there are three problems with getting a great price: Comcast always bundles things and they definitely do […]

Comcast downgrading is hard a guide

Wow, they are such a piece of work. First of all during this COVID-19 thing, suddenly the bill rises 40% without any notification (I’m sure I rolled off of some plan). It is so difficult, here are some things to know: Add a notification on auto payment. Comcast does not provide any notification when you […]

Future Web Platforms: From LAMP to where? kind of missed a generation. I can’t believe it is 20 years since the first post on the site (1994!). And I still somehow have the 5,000 posts done over the years. There have been several major iterations of the site and while the text has survived not much else has: 1994. FrontPage Extensions […]

ISPs like Shaw block port 25 and break your email

Argh, why do internet providers act so smart! Sometimes I can’t seem to send email and right now I’m discovering that this is because certain ISPs will block the SMTP port 25 (send mail) and 465 (secure send mail), so mysteriously at some access points, you can send mail and at others you can’t. Some […]

Yahoo Finance

This is an awesome tool, particularly the section called key statistics. I’ve never been able to figure out what all the measures mean, but “Yahoo”: actually defines them: Enterprise Value Formula: Market Cap + Total Debt – Total Cash & Short Term Investments EV is a measure of theoretical takeover price, and is useful in […]

Media-Motor only with Yahoo Sniffer

Talk about an insidious threat, Media Motor hijacks web addresses like “”: by installing as a domain thingy in the registry. It is very hard to find. Ad Aware didn’t find it, Spybot doesn’t find it. Only Yahoo’s toolbar (which is Webroot) found it. The behavious is strange, it gives you pages that sort of […]

Google Sets and Alexaholic

When we are working on companies, it is often times useful to see what’s related to what, here are the tools that I use: * “Google Sets”: This lets you type in a bunch of related ideas and see from the web, what else is related, so if you type in Microsoft, Ignition and Oracle, […]

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