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This is an awesome tool, particularly the section called key statistics. I’ve never been able to figure out what all the measures mean, but “Yahoo”: actually defines them:

Enterprise Value
Formula: Market Cap + Total Debt – Total Cash & Short Term Investments
EV is a measure of theoretical takeover price, and is useful in comparisons against income statement line items above the interest expense/income lines such as revenue and EBITDA.

PEG Ratio
Formula: P/E Ratio / 5-Yr Expected EPS Growth
Forward-looking measure rather than typical earnings growth measures, which look back in time (historical). Used to measure a stock’s valuation against its projected 5-yr growth rate.

Operating Cash Flow
Formula: Net Income + Depreciation and Amortization, Total + Other Amortization + Other Non-Cash Items, Total + Change in Working Capital
Net cash used or generated in operating activities during the stated period of time. It reflects net impact of all operating activity transactions on the cash flow of the entity. This GAAP figure is taken directly from the company’s Cash Flow Statement and might include significant non-recurring items.

Levered Free Cash Flow
Formula: (EBIT + Interest Expense) * (1 – Tax Rate) + Depreciation & Amort., Total + Other Amortization + Capital Expenditure + Sale (Purchase) of Intangible assets – Change in Net Working Capital + Pref. Dividends Paid + Total Debt Repaid + Total Debt Issued + Repurchase of Preferred + Issuance of Preferred Stock
Where: Tax Rate = 0.375
This figure is a normalized item that excludes non-recurring items and also takes into consideration cash inflows from financing activities such as debt or preferred stock issuances.

Forward P/E Ratio
Formula: Current Market Price / Projected Earnings Per Share
A valuation ratio calculated by dividing the current market price by projected 12-month Earnings Per Share.

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