Beware: There Are 3 Versions of Each iPhone 11 and 12 | PCMag

For iPhone 12s and 11s, they come in three different models each, designed for different countries. It’s important to get the right one for you. There are too many bands in the world so they will all roam but coverage will be different. Basically, the US model has a CDMA modem for rural AT&T and […]

Apple Watch does not pair with AirPods

Man, this was mighty frustrating. The pairing between Apple Watch and AirPod has been seamless for a long time, but just this week, I found that my Apple Watch kept saying, “can’t find AirPod Pros”. This happens even if I turn off every Bluetooth device that has ever paired with the AirPod. I even tried […]

iPhone and iPod Touch Firmware 2.0.1 available

It is a 256MB download, so hope you have a fast connectionApple Releases iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 – Mac Rumors Not clear what has changed, but early claism are – Backup process for the iPhone is much faster.- Netshare still works- SMS typing faster Apple releases iPhone 2.0.1 Software Update – AppleInsider has a forum thread […]

iTunes error E8000001 could be a bad cable

I got this cable trying to sync the new iPhone 3G, but kept getting an unknown 0xe8000001 error. I tried a bunch of things and was using the combo Bluetooth headset charger plus USB connector. On a lark, I swapped cables and the error 0xe8000001 went away. I think the cable was flaky. I did […]

iPhone 3G Exchange setup

Got it! AT&T dropped shipped it. The least painful way in the US anyway to get it. Lines at Apple store are still 3 hours long. Apple is going to sell 3M in a week at this rate. In any case, things that are unclear are how to setup Exchange. It needs yet another site […]

Cool Tool, iphone availability and early reviews

“Apple”: has a tool showing what is available where. The stores open at 8AM. Amazing the demang. All models except the Black 16GB in Alderwood Mall are available at all four Seattle area stores in Bellevue, Lynnwood, Seattle and Tukwila. 16GB Black not surprisingly is the most popular model. And there are activation issues that […]

iPhone as Internet proxy for your notebook

Well, it took me three days to do this, but finally figured out how to get an iPhone to use its internet connection over EDGE to be used with your laptop. Its convoluted because most phones allow what is called Bluetooth sharing and you are in. In the iPhone’s case, it is more complicated as […]

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