Snow Leopard to support Exchange natively

This is a big deal for making Macs enterprise friendly. Can’t wait until next year! AppleInsider | Apple previews Mac OS X Snow Leopard with QuickTime X Mac OS X will include native support for Microsoft Exchange 2007 in OS X applications Mail, iCal and Address Book, making it even easier to integrate Macs into […]

Mac Open Source Software

“Darwin Ports”: automatically downloads open source projects over the Internet and compiles and installs them on your Mac. Means the whole world of 40 years of unix tools is available with a single command line on your computer. (BTW, Darwin is the name of the core operating system under Mac OS X and Ports means […]

More Mac Utilities

OK, just catching up as I finish the install of the new office and home networks. Here are some more super useful Mac utilities: * “Wireshark”: This is a protocol analyzer that used to be called Ethereal before trademark problems. You use it to get really deep information about what is actually happening at the […]

Mac Utilities

OK more Mac utilities, this time from a quick read of Mac magazine: * “iStumbler”: This is like a similar utility on Windows, it tells you the strength of various Wifi and Bluetooth devices. Even has a widget for your dashboard * “USB Missile Launcher”: OK, its not really a utility, its a nerf rocket […]

Share Mac Desktop

I need some help to navigate through a website, so how do I do it. Well, Mac’s allow desktop sharing and it should be pretty easy as long as you can get through some settings. “”: has a good guide for Max OS X 10.4 “Tiger” h2. For the machine that you want to share, […]

Don’t every drag and replace a folder

In the Mac, I just lost 10GB worth of data doing that. With Windows, when you “replace” a folder, it actually merges the contents together. With the Mac, it overwrites anything taht was there. Taht means once you do it that data is lost, lost. It doesn’t even go into the trash. You’ve been warned […]

Azureus Plugins

This is a cool tool for downloading and runs cross platform and also has a large plug in library. Some of the interesting ones are. “Zeropaid”: has a nice list including advanced statistics BT and router problems? File Sharing FAQ – Although its effectiveness is questionable, you could install a freeware IP blocker called […]

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