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I need some help to navigate through a website, so how do I do it. Well, Mac’s allow desktop sharing and it should be pretty easy as long as you can get through some settings. “”: has a good guide for Max OS X 10.4 “Tiger”

h2. For the machine that you want to share, do this:

# System Preferences | Sharing | Apple Remote Desktop. Tick this option.
# Click on Access Privileges
# Tick “Observe”, “Show when being observed”, “Guests may request permission to control screen”, and “VNC viewers may control screen with password”
# Enter the password next to the last of these options, e.g. we’ll assume it’s “easy2guess”

h2. Now you have to forward a port with your router

This application will ask for the IP address of the view. Use “”: that should give you the IP address of the client

This is the hard part, you have to forward TCP port 5900 to your Mac. Every router is a little different, but for Linksys and D-link, you need to know the IP address of the router and access its administrative web page. Typically for D-link and for Linksys. Hope you know the password for the router!

h2. Install a VNC Client onto the “viewer machine”

Use “Chicken of the VNC”: as its free and my goodness what a great name!

You need to give the viewer, the IP address from and also the password

He should then see a replica of your screen and you can now share and debug

h2. Windows alternatives

As an alternative, “Unyte”: is a free skype addin that does that same thing for any Skype user with Windows. You can actually view from any platform with IE, Firefox or Safari, but the client has to be a Windows machine.

I’m going to see if this runs under Parallels

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