Home-Made Drop Bolts

My rear brakes rub against the 700x30c tire I have. It is just 2mm of clearance that I need. Sheldon has a great suggestion for building a “drop bolt” that will let me move the brake caliper up and out of the way. Requires that you get 3/4″ x 1/8″ aluminum stock from a hardware […]

Answers: Threading a Derailleur Cable

Eureka. The rear derailleur cable is threaded. OK, thanks to great folks like Peter Westerholm and Skip Echert, I’ve think at least I have some strategies for getting the darn rear deraileur cable through a chain stay: * Here is my technique. I noticed this rear derailleur cable is at the exact center of the […]

Trek 560 Uses Short Reach Brakes and Long Bolt

Harris Cyclery Brakes for Bicycles. I got my BR7301 Tektro 521AG Long-Reach Dual-Pivot Calipers from Harris no problem for just $50 and they only weight 350 grams. Not much given the cost. I had assume my Trek 560 was long “reach”:http://sheldonbrown.com/gloss_r.html#reach with a “recessed”:http://sheldonbrown.com/gloss_r.html#recessed mount. But, interestingly, this is one of the few bikes I’ve […]

Threading Rear Derailleur Cable

Well, I’m almost done with this bike. I’m short a barrel adjuster, but the most important problem right now is how to thread the rear derailleur cable. Here’s the response I got from Skip who runs the vintage Trek site: Hello Richard – I have wondered about that myself. Hmmmmm – Perhaps you can use […]

Trek 560

I have a beloved 1985 Trek 560 road bike. I’m updating its components as my second bike. For more detials, Vintage trek has scanned in the actual 1985 Trek Racing Bike Brochure. This means I’m going to: Drive Train. Changing out all the six speed drive train into a Campagnolo 10-speed set with a combination […]

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