Long Reach Brake Calipers

I’ve been looking for brakes that can work with my old Trek 520. These are the so-called long reach brakes. The frame is older so you can put larger wheels on it, but it does require different brakes. I managed to lose a piece of the old brake set, so this gave me an excuse to upgrade the brakes. Here is what I learned thanks to Sheldon “Brown”:http://sheldonbrown.com:
* Harris Cyclery Brakes for Bicycles. BR7301 Tektro 521AG Long-Reach Dual-Pivot Calipers $49.95/pair. These are high quality and low cost at 350 grams per pair. In comparison, the very highest end Campagnolo Records are 340 grams (140 rear, 160 front) and Shimano Dura Ace is 317 grams. So it is quite competitive and Ultegra is 335 grams.
* “Reach”:http://www.sheldonbrown.com/gloss_r.html#reach. Sheldon does a great job of explaining reach. This is how far down the brake calipers go. They used to go down 47-57 mm when my Trek 520 was new, now the standard is 39-49 mm.
* “Recessed Bolt”:http://www.sheldonbrown.com/gloss_r.html#recessed. Also, when they went to 39-49mm, then went to a recessed bolt, so to use recessed on older frames, Sheldon gives greate instructions: a) buy two front brake calipers, b) Rear: Front calipers for recessed mounting have bolts that are long enough to mount in back, if you substitute the appropriate washers and a 6 mm nut and c) for the front, drill out the back of the fork crown (8 mm or 5/16 drill bit). This is actually quite easy to do with a handheld electric drill, since you’re only enlarging an existing hole.

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