bug: Fastboot mode escape and NordVPN DNS leavings

OK, this is a miscellaneous list of silly bugs that thing that we all get to live in our daily lives. Fastboot in Android I have a new Android phone and somehow I managed to get a screen that just said “FASTBOOT” and I had no idea what to do. It turns out that if […]

web: Google Slides with Videos on Zoom must use Chrome

OK, if you haven’t been living under a rock, then you know presenting things on Zoom is usually a chore, the main issue is that if you have to show a video and you want it to be indexed, that is you just want to show a segment, Google Slides has this great feature which […]

cell: Moving from Nexus 5 sim to iPhone 12 Pro Max esim on Google Fi

Well, I’ve had an old Nexus 5 and a Google Fi plan for emergencies, but now that I realize you really should have two phones with you, on international trips, I decided to turn on this plan. It is a minimal $20 plan with $10/GB, but it works well for emergencies. The problem is that […]

home: The Trials of RoboRock S8, WiFi and Apple Home integration plus hat tip to Alarm.com

Jon said, “Apple is definitely not that innovative”, but sometimes to me, its the simpler things that make innovation happen. A good example is trying to keep this house as smart as possible. It is definitely complicated. Two examples are trying to get the new Xiao Mi RoboRock S8 running. So for those of you […]

pen: Review Nahvalar, Pilot C843, Rotring 600, Cortex Sidekick and vacuum filling

OK, I finally got the Nahvalar Original Plus, a nice value, and then the pen of my dreams, the Pilot C843. One came from NJ (near where I grew up) and the other was from Japan. Plus I finally got the Cortex Sidekick. So some reviews of this amazing stuff.. Vacuum Filling Pens: Mysterious in […]

Fit: Withings scale needs higher voltage batteries.

Long time since posting. I’m behind with way too much learning about AI these days to post but here’s a quick one. As few devices of mine don’t work with the many rechargeable nimh batteries I have. These are mainly electronics that need the higher voltage of 1.5V that you get with alkaline or lithium […]

Cad: Delete Bluetooth Pairing from 2016 Honda Fit

Ok, this is why. At companies should not make software. On this car there is a basic head unit. And if you want to pair it, you click the Menu button and then scroll down to Settings, Bluetooth and you can see Add New Device and Connect an Audio Device. The problem is that it […]

sw: Final Cut Pro Titles and Object Tracking

There are not that many titles available in the base Final Cut Pro. Fortunately, you can get a selection of free titles from different sources. Object Tracking The new object tracker is pretty cool in Final Cut Pro 10.6, but pretty hard to figure out how to use it. The main trick here is that […]

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