Backup LG Magic Remote Compatibility

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OK, this is a confusing topic, but if you have an LG television and lose it, you can’t actually turn the TV on. I know this because I spent 30 minutes looking for a remote that was under a chair. We wanted to figure out what backup remote to buy. This is a confusing topic…

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Unifi Hacking Around V3

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OK, so I’ve still been having problems with our Wifi. The big insight has been the turning on of Wifi AI and that at least our Windows machine can’t handle the so called DFS channels in 5GHz. The other thing is that I suspect there is a problem with longer range 5GHz where our Apple…

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A Good Laptop is you don’t want to spend a fortune

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Well the choices are a little complex right now. Having gone back to Windows 10, I can say that you will get a low cost option, but you will have problems. If you go with Apple it will be largely trouble free, but expensive. So what’s a person to do. Well assuming that you are…

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Car washing and geek materials for windshields

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I finally had a chance to wash our very dirty cars. Finally cleared up and to get the windshield washer fluid up to snuff. Here’s the quick (distracting from the COVID-19 epidemic list):OK, if you are going to get started, then if you love your car at all, getting a ceramic coating on top of…

Windows Networking Still so clunky, big disk problems with Windows Server and 5GHz WiFi DFS Problems

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Man, I don’t use Windows too much any more, but somehow I would have thought that simple things like discovery in a home network would be fixed by now. With a Mac, it is trivial to discover a server with something claleedd Bonjour (or mDNS Responder) for power nerds. This basically has each peer in…

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More Superhuman geek tricks

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Ok they actually do answer you if you send mail to split inbox. Here is the trick: On their desktop applications, you create a “filter” first by doing a search with a / then you do a split inbox. So you can set this anyway you like with a huge number of different criteria including…

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Quarantine Purchases of Random Stuff:

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OK totally miscellaneous things that are breaking around the house: PanaMax Failure. Our PowerMax line conditioner failed and took down our AVR. So that’s super depressing. They apparently have a lifetime warranty and lifetime downstream warranty, so good luck, maybe if I call their 800 number they might actually fix it at  800.472.5555 so we…

Making email the proper center again

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What a mess this quarantine lifestyle is. I have literally half a dozen channels I have to monitor from email to Slack to iMessage to Whatsapp to Signal to Teams. Then I have notifications from a host of products from Mac Calendar to Github to Trello. So one thing about this exploration of different mailers…

Superhuman, vi, slack and keyboard shortcuts rule

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I haven’t done really heavy programming in a few years and in the last week I was reminded how important typing is even in the age of visual applications. It is just faster to get around and worth the effort if you are doing it all the time. So some quick tips: Divvy. Yes I…

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Brother HL-L2380DW CUPS printer on Unifi Network to Apple and passing Bonjour

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Ok some quick notes, if you have a Unifi network. If you have a network printer or an Apple TV, one big problem is that they have enabled an optimization called Multicast and Broadcast filtering’ which basically disables the ability for a wifi client to broadcast things like Bonjour or mDNS messages. You want to…

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