Eureka! URL, Landing Pages and Domain Redirects from Registrar to DNS to MU WordPress

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Man this information is just littered everywhere and it is nearly impossible to figure out and has taken me three months of wandering the Internet, but for most modern installations, you really want three levels of flexibility: Lots of different domain names pointing to the same base site. In these modern times, you want to…

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1Password Master Password confusion

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OK, when I first started using 1Password, it was pretty straightforward, there was a third party store like Dropbox or Google Drive and then you encrypted a file with your master password. However, they’ve since introduced the concept of their own storage which is great. Now you can have multiple account and multiple vaults within…

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Frustrations when monitors don’t autodetect ASUS PB278

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I have two of these PB278 monitors and they are definitely old at probably 5-10 years, but the more annoying thing is that the oldest doesn’t seem to autodetect inputs very well. You actually have to reboot the Mac in order for the display to get recognized. I sure remember those bad old days when…

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Sony WH-1000MX3 Equalization Settigns

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Well, now that the house is really getting dialed, in here are some final notes, there will be a blizzard, but got to start somewhere. The Sony WH-1000MX series are designed be to very base heavy. When you have great earphones like the Etymotic ER-4a or the Sennheiser HD-650, this can be kind of annoying….

How to Sign Up as a Starlink Beta Tester

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Holy Toledo, we may be saved from the Comcast monopoly by Starlink. $99/month for 100Mbps is ironically not a bad deal compared with $100 for 300Mbps assuming it is uncapped. Will be very nice on top of the Cybertruck when combined with a Unifi Wifi 6 AP. Starlink may not be available for everyone yet,…

Reward cards and free delivery plus other pandemic perks decoder ring

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Well with the pandemic, there really expensive rewards cards have had to figure out how to keep adding value. Here’s what they’ve come up with. The net is that you can get free delivery and lots of points just by ordering food. I don’t know if they are worth $450-500 but they are trying. Amex…

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Google for Non-profits and how to activate it make sure you downgrade first.

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Ok here is a confusing one for you, we got the G Suite for Non Profits after paying $$$s to run Google for months not realizing they had this terrific program. So we got most of the way there, but we didn’t realize how complex it would be to do the billing. A General review…

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Beware! Comcast just added Datacaps back to the Gigabit Ethernet plan without notification and a $25/month exploding offer

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Geez, can you like a company less than Comcast, I’m not sure how. Basically, they told me that the 1Gbps plan and that this included the $30/month unlimited data cap plan so that was a pretty good deal. However, while this worked for a month and then they removed the cap and didn’t tell anyone,…

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Getting to 5G the low cost way, T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, Google Fi nand Verizon

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Well, if you have spanking new phones and want to try 5G, what can you expect and what’s the lowest cost way to do it. First of all, you should expect too much of 5G in its normal incarnation is not going to be much faster than 4G. This is what is called low band…

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Move to MacOS Big Sur and AVast and Google Chrome runaway apps and using Ecosia

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Well, I’ve always been lucky in my moves between different versions of MacOS and this one has been really smooth. Just two issues that you should note: I’ve been using Avast Antivirus, it’s been pretty reliably, but in the last month they’ve increased their annoy ware as they try to monetize their free versions. More…

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Using a modern 4K LG C9 with an 10-year old Denon AVR-2310Ci

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Yes, I know that I always want the freshest equipment, but what if you have a Nice new LG C9 from last year and don’t want to spend $$$s for a new Audio/Video Receiver on it. Is there a way to use an older Denon that is 10 years old and still get decent sounds…

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