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What’s all this then about Microsoft 365 and the Mac

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OK, I have not really had to use Office on the desktop in a *very* long time. Most of my editing is just with Google Workspace these days, but thanks to the Microsoft Alumni Network, we do get a $99 subscription per year as part of being that group. So here are the quick instructions…

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Podcast Pages Up, Goodreads Reviews

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Ok, you can now see all my podcasts on a dedicated Podcast page thanks to the miracle workers at Blubrry with the PowerPress Plugin. This gives you a dedicated view that is either standard HTML5 or their own flavor. There are a sea of other Podcast plugins at Optin Monster but I just picked the…

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Podcast Git madness, buying olive oil, Zoom hacks, Ad Blocks, Mars 2020, being hacked and Tesla Travel

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More fun for posts as for February 28 and back to January 5 2021 at, Spotify or Apple. Git madness and pull request splitting Olive oil shopping from wishlist Zoom hacks for multiple windows. Mars 2020 Perseverance videos and things. Richt starts a substack newsletter at What to do when your computer get hacked. Cool keyboard oriented apps like Superhuman, fzf and rg plus Vimari Tips…

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Github madness what happens if you do not protect main

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Sigh, here is what happens when an idiot like me doesn’t pay enough attention and you don’t protect your main branch and how to get out of it. The problem: The free version of git does not allow protection of the main branch. That means any one can do a git switch main && git…

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Git tricks and loving git resource –source and github pull requests splitting

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Ok this has always required a git checkout and then copy some files somewhere and then go back, but with July 2019 Git 2.3, you can now use –source in git restore to get a single file back. The place where this really comes in handy is that if you do a git pull request…

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Zoom hacks part trois: Creating three windows

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OK, I’ve spent so much time on this application, here are some tips for bigger meetings and how to handle them on Zoom. On a Mac, turn on dual monitor in the Zoom/Preferences, this doesn’t do what you think and is more general. What it does is give you two windows, so you can actually…

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Ugh, American Express Chat does not like Ad Blockers

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Well, if you are smart, you are using Adblockers and anti-tracking technology. I find that even with Safari, and the Mac stuff, you still need more technology. I use Ghostery on Safari and uBlock Origin (and yes I’ve temporarily forgotten which one of the variants() I’m using on Chrome and Firefox. And also NordVPN which…

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Mars 2020 Perseverance

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Wow during this Pandemic, Climate Change, Fake News, Inequity, it is hard to remember some of the good things in life. While it might be a huge long-term, not very clear use of money, it does inspire to think about the achievements that show the hope for the future. ICMYI, quite a lot of amazing…