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Hint use the Sequoia Pitch deck

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I get asked a lot what presentation format to use when talking with venture capitalists. Well, I have used many different forms, but it never hurts to first map it to the Sequoia Pitch template. Or course these days, who really even needs to have a pitch or a product, pretty much whispering “bitcoin” will…

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Mac keyboard shortcuts for level 2 wizards

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OK, if you the basic Mac keyboard shortcuts like ⌘ (Command) keys like ⌘-X for copy to the clipboard or ⌘-N to get a new window then you are already doing pretty well, but for the level 2 wizards, here are some shortcuts that I find really useful but I have a hard time remembering:…

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Keyboard selection part infinity

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OK, this whole 18 months of COVID-19 isolation has gotten me to buy lots of keyboards. I just got my latest one which is the Unicomp Mini M, this uses the original IBM PC bucking spring action. It is supposed to feel like the original IBM PC keyboard which I remember fondly. The folks at…

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Wow AirTag is certainly easy

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Apple has really figured out the magic of integrating hardware, software and services. We just got the AirTag and I can’t believe how simple it is to start using it as you can see in unboxing videos: The biggest trick is that you have to buy a case for the thing, I kind of wish…

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It is not easy to gift someone a video

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In the modern world, it is not easy just to send someone a digital gift. As an example, for Lucas who is headed off to New York, we wanted to send the quintessential 1980s movie about geeks living in the city, After Hours, but how do you do that in the modern world. Well, with…

This is why I can’t wait for Starlink vs Comcast

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I finally had a chance to read the Comcast latest agreement and it just reinforces why these kinds of contracts are just super unfair. The net is that you literally have no idea or any control as to when and how they raise prices. Geez, I can’t believe people are forced to sign this. But…

More Mother’s Day Posts; Smashed potatoes

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Well, we’ve had lots of variants of Smashed potatoes and they are so fine. The basic idea is that you par boil the potatoes first to get them nice and tender, then you smash them gently with the bottom of a glass so they are squished, but not pulverized. Finally, you crank the oven up…

When you forget you have an Apple pencil how to use Scribble and get it to charge again

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Well, I have used the Apple Pencil with dedicated writing applications like Nebo but it is a pain to copy and paste. So I fired up the pencil for the first thing is turning Scribble on in the settings menu. What is not obvious is how to get started. What you do is to dismiss…