Word to the wise when building PC, buy with Amex Platinum if you can

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Since I’ve been building PC, I’ve completely forgot that you can get infant mortality problems where things die early. We just had a $550 motherboard literally die after one week of use. ASUS is awesome because they have online chat to get through this, but here are some things to know: When you are buying…

Tuning Ethernet Performance on Dell Alienware Aurora R8 with Qualcomm 802.11ac Adapter

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Ok got a Zoom call coming up and want to make sure to have maximum bandwidth. This machine kept on falling back to using 2.4Ghz, 802.11n with 72Mbps maximum. The way to fix is pretty arcane. you have dive into `Device Manager` and twiddle with the advanced parameters for the Qualcomm adapter: 1. Set preferred…

Video Conferencing with Zoom and Keeping your Internet Speed Great

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Well now that so many of us are at home, figuring out how to keep your video and other calls running well is more important than ever. Since yesterday, our network speeds have been horrible. Before the crisis we were getting 190Mbps upstream and 5Mbps downstream. But starting yesterday that had dropped to 30Mbps/1Mbps and…

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