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Down the rathole of catalytic converter theft, cages and dashcams

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Sometimes, I end up having conversations that feel like it is really “turtles all the way down.” This is from the Akupara (अकूपार) of Hindu mythology that says that the world Is held up by a turtle. When you ask, well what does the turtle stand on, another turtle. It’s just turtles all the way…

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Surviving Windows as a Dev Platform

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Well, I’ve tried to avoid this for years, but now I have to develop and work on Windows. I first tried WSL2, Windows Subsystem for Linux, but that has just been a mess, the main problems are: The file systems are completely different, you can’t for instance write a .profile to run on Windows and…

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Well that was it when you hard crash your Mac reset the PRAM and SMC

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Well, I’m embarrassed to say that I did skip the rest the PRAM and SMC step in doing all the debugging and this I seem to dimly recall I had this problem before, but some configuration file was deeply messed up and just doing this reset did the trick. I ran for a day in…

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ARgh: MacOS Big Sur Kernel Panics continue

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OK, I bit the bullet and wiped the hard drive and started all over with, but problems continue. I’m getting Kernel Panics when I’m plugged into the CalDigit docking station and a no name dongle. The panics are typically, “Freed zone element element has been modified” which seems like a driver problem. As an aside,…

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Cleaning out tabs: Standing desk, Camera, Magsafe recommendations

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I’m probably 20 blog posts behind. The strategy here is that if I learn something new, I just leave it open as a tab in Safari, this works really well, because you can share Safari links on any Apple device, so when I want to find something old that I’ve been working on the discipline…

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Fixing Apple App Store vs Apple Pay Options

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Ok, I admit it, I mistakenly thought there was a tie between Apple Pay and payment to the Apple App Store. Turns out these are completely unrelated. I twizzled the Apple Pay payment order to use my normal Visa card, but Apple App Store and Apple Subscriptions kept on going to a different card. Well,…

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MacOS crashes looking for answers

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Well, I’m really confused, my most important mission critical application, Zoom, is hard crashing my MacOS, so this is a good lesson in debugging things like this, but here are the symptoms: I have an old MacBook Pro (2016) running Big Sur, it has a Logitech BRIO hooked up to it via USB 2.0 cables….