– Asolo Fusion 95 GTX Asolo Fusion 95 GTX
Combining the light weight of an approach shoe with the support of a serious leather backpacking boot, these hikers offer the best of all worlds.All six models in the Fusion line are intended to blend the support of a backpacking boot with the light weight of dayhikers. The model we tested, the Fusion 95 GTX, is the sturdiest of this group, featuring a suede and Cordura upper lined with Gore-Tex. Mind you, Asolo doesn’t bill the Fusion 95 as a hardcore backpacking boot, but as a
Specs are for men’s size 8 =
Price: $150
Weight (mfr./BP): 2 lbs. 12 oz./3 lbs.
Contact: Asolo, (603)448-8827;
mere weekender. I disagree.

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