Mountain Bike RacingAnother review of the Epic from Mountain Bike Action. Wow!
The new 90mm-travel rear suspension smoothly outperforms the FSRxc over uneven terrain, and it retains its predecessor?s ability to isolate suspension from braking and acceleration forces. The real beauty of the Brain-equipped Fox shock, however, shines when you jump out of the saddle and pound mercilessly on the pedals. Nothing?and we mean nothing?happens. The Epic doesn?t sprint like a hardtail?it sprints better. Hardtails bounce around all over the place when you sprint. The Epic?s inertial valving allows the suspension to continue to react to the bumps, while it halts the downward movement you create by bouncing on the pedals. As fantastic a tale as this may seem, it is as real as the paper these words are printed upon.

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