Buying a Touring/Commuting/Crosscycle Bike

I’ve been looking for my second bike. I love my Trek 5900, but it isn’t that practical for all the other things. Fortunately, Steve Hooper told me about Adventure Cycling Association. Here is what I found out: “Buying a Touring Bike”: A great comprehensive piece. There is not much on touring in mainline publications like […]

Won the War, Losing the Peace

Passion for PeaceA great piece by Friedman as usual. The Rumsfeld doctrine of small-force, high-tech armies may be great for winning wars, but you need the Powell doctrine for winning the peace: a massive, overwhelming investment of soldiers, police and aid. We should be flooding Iraq with people and money right now. Start big and […]

Depressed: DVD Coasters Galore

ULead MovieFactory. I’m depressed. I used this thing to create a DVD movie. Now as I’m trying to duplicate 7 copies, I have 1 coaster (e.g., destroyed DVD+R) for everyone that is good. An obvious driver problem where in the middle of a copy, it gives up the ghost and hangs. I’m using an older […]

DDR400 is Here!

Well the next generation of hardware performance is here. There is the new lineup of Pentiums with hyperthreading and also a new set of motherboards based on the i875P and the i865P. Tom’s Hardware recommends getting an 865P motherboard and the 2.8 GHz Pentium IV. I’m on the way: * Tom’s Hardware Guide Motherboards & […]

dvd to divx backup

Well it’s been six months since I figured out the best way to backup DVDs. Here’s an update on what’s on the web now: * “ Guide”: This was the source I used before and learned about Gordian Knot. The site has only gotten better. It actually explains what you are doing while the other […]

Drowning in Wifi Signals

Doug’s Dynamic Drivel: A new Wi-Fi model. This problem of how power WiFi has been hotly debated in our shop over at “Geekfishing”: Basically if you have lots of 802.11 Wifi access points beaconing, you get unpredictable results as clients roam automagically from one to another. In our own offices, there are no less than […]

Topolino Wheelset Review and Veloflex Pave Reviews

h2. Topolino Wheelset Topolino Tech. I’m a crazy dope with too much craziness for lightness. In any case, I just got these wheels. A great deal from “Bethel Cycles”: that includes tires, rim strip and tubes. I finally got these and mounted them with a set of Veloflex Pave 700×22 tires. Here’s a review of […]

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