Tom’s Hardware Guide Networking: Review: Wireless SMC EliteConnect 2.4-GHz 802.11b High Power Wireless PC Card (SMC2532W-B) – Wireless Features. This is a very cheap ($50) 802.11b card that runs at 200 mW rather than the more typical 15-30 mW you’d find say in a Linksys card.
Interesting result is that it can give great range, but the most important way to get rang is to have the antenna oriented correctly. Makes sense when you think about. Those tiny antennas stuck in the PC Card slot of a notebook are in a lousy position.
Net, net, get the orientation of the antenna right first. Or, get an external one, then you can get a card that juices the power.
Will be interesting to see how Steve Hooper does with his high power AP (200 mW) and his high power WiFi card in getting between two rooms that are very far apart.

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