Ultimate Travel Bikes

OK, after studying the market pretty carefully, here are the two bikes I would get for “have fun while traveling use”. I said two because one would be for speed and the other for rough road and touring: h4. Ultimate Road Racing Bike Ritchey BreakAway Bike. I still need to test ride one, but low […]

At Last… Java Phone Benchmarks

Satoshi’s Wireless Weblog: User Interface is an Art: Java benchmark. Hattip to Satoshi for finding a benchmark site. Amazing to see how different performant is at “Jbenchmark”:http://jbenchmark.com. There is a 10x difference in performance. For instance the Motorola 720i is at 500 utils while the Sharp sh53 is at 1500 and the Nokia 7650 is […]

Saving vs. Spending…

a little ludwig goes a long way: Living Below Your Means. John found a great piece about living below your means. I actually learned quite a bit from the “Millionaire Next Door”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1563523302/qid=1059019860/sr=2-3/ref=sr_2_3/103-8871901-9475810. They call it playing good defense. I’m sure glad Connie is a good defense player 🙂 BTW, a good test of your below […]

Shuttle SS51 FAQ

SFF TECH SS51 FAQ. Hey, here looks like a good source of information on the XPC. Most complete that I’ve seen. Here are some tidbits: * “Lost Circuits on BIOS”:http://www.lostcircuits.com/advice/bios2/1.shtml. Reportedly the most complete explanation of what all those BIOS settings mean. * “Trouble Burning CD-R, CD-RW or DVD”:http://www.sfftech.com/showfaqs.cfm?fid=18&fcid=13. If this doesn?t solve your problem, […]

Comcast Woes and Shuttle Woes

Just spent a frustrating day trying to get my Dad’s Comcast broadband internet connection to work. Spent an hour with a very nice woman at 1-800-comcast, but the thing didn’t work at all. Seems that you have to use the Comcast installation CD otherwise, you get incomplete activation. So, it worked for a short time […]

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