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I wish I had discovered this user forum before I bought our MDX. Oh well, another example of how there are enthusiasts everywhere. This one is just for Acura MDX owners. There is a similar one for Honda Pilot owners. Here are some good things to know:
* ACURA MDX . ORG - Wireless Headphones. How to use the two that came with the car.
* "Honda Acura World": The place for aftermarket stuff. You can get wireless headphones for $43 vs. $125 at the dealer. Other good stuff here too.

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  1. I have an Acura MDX 2001 with a navigation system and I have found that during the winter when the temp. are 20 or below the navigation does not work. Also, the navigation displays a message that says “Data base is old, please consult your dealer”. I want to know if anyone with a navigation have had this same problem. Please respond back to me because it’s driving me crazy.

  2. Hua, I don’t have an MDX that old, but I know that the DVDs do get out of date. There is an annual update that you can take for this.
    As for the temperature failure, I had not heard about this. Doesn’t get that cold around here fortunately!

  3. I would like to avoid using the MDX designed rack; their fixed position, as well as the fact that they go from side to side across the car instead of up the sides make them really useless to me.
    Anyone know where to get rails for a roof rack that would fit similar to the rails that sit on the Honda Pilot? I’ve already measured the Pilot rack but the holes in the fasteners don’t line up to the MDX roof studs.
    thanx for any suggestions

  4. The best I’ve seen is to take a really Thule rack and its feet and just put it across. Or Yakima for that matter. They are less aero than the Acura racks, but work well.
    Check out as they have really good prices and also special feet that let you mount to the rails on an Acura.

  5. I am interested in buying ONLY a hybrid SUV. At this point I believe my only options are the 2005 Ford Escape, the 2005 Toyota Highlander, or the 2005 Lexus 400h. DO any of you know if Acura is going to have a hybrid version of the MDX?

  6. I have a 2001 MDX that has a odd way of shifting from 2nd to 3rd. If you accelerate lightly it it chatters going into 3rd you can also clasify it as a vibration. If you increase acceleration it stops vibrateing and completes the shift smoothly Has anyone run into this glitch? Aside from that it runs great

  7. Hmmm. Our MDX doesn’t have this problem. Shifts quite smoothly, so you might want to take it in.
    The only real problem we’ve had so far is the left tailight bulb went out after 2,000 miles. Pretty fast. Haven’t had it replaced yet.

  8. Kudos for only wanting a hybrid SUV. I kind of would like to buy *just* hybrids from now on.
    No, the list you have is the list that I just read in Road & Track. Rumble I heard somewhere is that Toyota is way ahead on Hybrid technology.
    I do believe GM is going to hybrid stuff into their monster trucks, but haven’t heard about the MDX.

  9. Has anyone seen or posted the new 2005 MDX or the 2006 redesigned MDX pictures anywhere on the net? I am deciding on whether to wait for the redesign?

  10. I just purchased a 2004 MDX and love it so far. The only annoying feature is the seat belt warning chime. I understand that there is a way to disable the chime while leaving the dash light warning on. HELP.

  11. I would like to install a rear parking aid device on my 01 MDX. Can someone tell me where I can purchase the unit?

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