iPod Competitor: the iRiver iGP 100

iRiver iGP-100 – Convenience, Continued. Well, there are other iPod mini competitors now. This one uses a 1.5gb hard drive and is half the price of the mini. Also plays MP3, WMF and even Ogg Vorbis (my personal favorite right now!). Also connects as a USB hard drive to Windows, so no special software is […]

Great 754 boards, 939s coming out next week

AnandTech: Socket 754 Roundup: Comparing Generation 2 _Review of the mature 754 boards. These are going to be good buys when the 939 boards come out next week since they are about the same performance, but an older generation_ Based on features, implementation, value, overclocking performance and flexibility, the Epox 8KDA3 emerges as our Gold […]

Double Layer DVD writing is coming

The first sets of drives that support dual layer are coming. Here are some with good reputations: * BENQ DW822A. * NEC ND-2510A * Lite-on SOHW-832S. Also some older drives can be firmware upgraded with the usual caveats as The firmware page :: View topic – The Double Layer Upgradability Thread explains. Short story is […]

Athlon 64 and OCZ's EB memory go fast

“Anandtech”:http://anandtech.com/memory/showdoc.html?i=2057. An interesting piece about how the combination of the Athlon 64, plus locked PCI/AGP motherboards like the nForce 250 Pro really perform when using a new variant of memory called enhanced bandwidth done by OCZ. The new recommendation is the OCZ 3700EB available at “SVC”:http://www.svc.com/ocz466512ebdcpe-k.html for $183/512MB, Athlon 3200+, K8T800 PRO with nForce3-250 chipset […]

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