“Anandtech”:http://anandtech.com/memory/showdoc.html?i=2057. An interesting piece about how the combination of the Athlon 64, plus locked PCI/AGP motherboards like the nForce 250 Pro really perform when using a new variant of memory called enhanced bandwidth done by OCZ. The new recommendation is the OCZ 3700EB available at “SVC”:http://www.svc.com/ocz466512ebdcpe-k.html for $183/512MB, Athlon 3200+, K8T800 PRO with nForce3-250 chipset is the current recommendation. Will be interesting to see how next months new dual channel socket 939 chips perform.
Apparently many of the problems with Athlon 64 are due to incompatibilities with Hynix memory (a big Korean OEM manufacturer). With Intel, they were able to jump the RAM voltage to 2.85V from the standard 2.5V and with the new OCZ3700EB (DDR466), they got timings to go to 3-2-3-6. A big performance boost from DDR400 in doing this. From 322 fps on Quake 3 to 415 fps. This is running on a way hot Dual RAID 10,000 RPM drives, ATI 9800 Pro, Pentium 2.4 GHZ process on ASUS P4C800 motherboard
With the Athlon, you can raise performance by leaving the processor overclocking at 2.1GHz (from 2GHz) standard, but jamming the ram to higher speeds. So with a 8x250MHz, you get much great performance than the stock 10x200MHz.
bq. With AMD, 3700EB is an outstanding performer over a very wide range on both the Intel and AMD platforms. It certainly belongs on your short list if you are looking for Intel DDR memory. Frankly, for Athlon 64, we would be hard-pressed to choose any other memory over 3700EB or 3500EB for the nForce3-250/K8T800 PRO or other boards that support working PCI/AGP locks on Athlon 64. 3700EB is simply astounding on Athlon 64.
bq. When Dual-Channel arrives with Socket 939 next month, we should see a 2% to 5% increase in these already outstanding performance results. We will then see if OCZ 3700EB is the same brilliant performer in Athlon 64 Dual-Channel that we have seen on the Single-Channel Socket 754.

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