BlogIt for Firefox

JustBlogIt with a simple right-click.. Eureka, I love Firefox, but one announying thing is that tools like QuickPost for MovableType don’t work well with it. In particular, the popup comes up behind the main windows instead of in front. This fixes that (I hope). Also SharpMT doesn’t seem to get along with my version of […]

Buying List

Ok, so many things to look at right now…here’s a list of what we’re in the market for right now: * “iPod”: Probably the 4G 20GB version. No VC can really invest in consumer products without having an ipod. They are their own universe right now. Man these these things *are* expensive. About 50% more […]


Daring Fireball: Markdown. We’ve been using Textile 2 for a while as the markup languages for all of our blogs. I see now that using Markdown, so it is an interesting language to try. Textile is great and powerful, but hard to teach folks the more sophisticated stuff. BTW, this is another amazing script that […]

Commenters must register

Because is literally beseiged with spammers (even with MT Blacklist, I get probably 50 spam comments a day), I’m turning on the registration required. In order to comment you’ll need a free “Typekey”: registration in order to logon. Sorry about this, but I’m wasting too much time editing out spam. We will convert the […]

Final Move from MT 2.661 to MT3

Learning Movable Type: TypeKey Authentication for Comments. I thought I was done, but it turns out there is a ton of work to be done. MT 2.661 blogs are *not* automatically converted to MT3.0. There is a boatload of work to do as covered in and also in “Anzi”: You can see this because […]

Final Fix for Blackberry 7230, Windows XP SP2 and Outlook 2003

Well its taken forever to figure out how to fix the various problems. There are lots of postings. I basically got the install problem to work with XP SP2, but I’ve been unable to synchronize because when I go to the Desktop Manager and choose Intellisync/Configure PIM/Address Book/Choose/Browse, I don’t get an folder enumerated. Also, […]

Portable Speakers

Need one of these portable speakers for presentations. Got an el cheapo Radio Shack thing for $40, but it is incredibly heavy and you have to bring two speakers. That’s because it uses 4C batteries each and is very bulky. The reviews for portable speakers absolutely stink from the mainstream sites, but “Ipod lounge”: seems […]

Coolest Bluetooth Headset

Since we are getting all kinds of new phone stuff, might as well try Bluetooth headsets. I’ve never liked them because they are so gigantic, but a little trolling shows this Bluespoon to be pretty amazing. Just 10 grams and not expensive. There is a big brother that has a DSP in it that costs […]

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