Buying List


Ok, so many things to look at right's a list of what we're in the market for right now:
* "iPod": Probably the 4G 20GB version. No VC can really invest in consumer products without having an ipod. They are their own universe right now. Man these these things *are* expensive. About 50% more expensive than non-Apple. For instance the 20GB 4G iPod is "$287":, but the 20GB Creative is "$215": The differences are even more startling in the 40GB range. The Apple discounts are essentially zero, with the discounters selling for $13 off the list price, so you might as well get it from directly.
* "iPod Photo": Not quite out yet, these are a breathtaking $500 for 40GB and $600 for 60GB. So you pay a $100 premium for a 2.5" color screen. Wow. Apple folks seems to love it, but the "Cnet": folks think it is way expensive for a small screen. For instance the iRiver PMP-120 is a 3.5" screen but does weigh nearly 10 oz. and only has 20GB at $500.
* iPod "accessories": The JBL speaker station, the Griffin "iTrip": FM transmitter, Altec-Lansing "InMotion": and the "JBL Creature II 2.1": speakers for at home a bunch of other cool things noted at the "iPod Lounge":
* "Etymotic ER6": These are in my humble opinion the great headphones I've ever used. Insanely expensive, but the sound quality is amazing. Headphone has them for just $107 right now.
* "Audible": These guys do books on "tape" as it were. And, if you buy their service for a year, you get $100 off an iPod!
* iRiver "iHP-120": If you want something that is not an iPod but that enthusiastist love. I have an IRiver CD Player and I can attest they are the nerds dream. "Headroom": has a good reveiw of non-iPod players.
In scary caveat, 4G iPods appear to have some sort of "defect": that iPodLounge is tracking. There is a strange whirring and noise at the start of each song. It is in over 40% of the iPods that iPodLounge users have bought, so it is no small deal.