Campagnolo and FSA Compact


Groupsets - The official Campagnolo web site - Bicycle Parts and Components Cycling. _I really should just replace my bottom bracket with an integrated FSA system, but in lieu of that, there's always the compact update from Campy. BTW, compact basically means you don't need a triple, it is easier for old guys like us_
Campagnolo has decided to go a step further than the simple compact crankset, and develop a fully integrated 10-speed drivetrain so that there are no half measures where safety, performance and longevity are concerned.
This project has resulted in the new CT crankset and CT derailleur.
Interesting to see how little price weight difference there now is between Record and Chorus, but a big price difference (prices are from "Lick's":
| Component | Weight | Price |
| Record Crank CT | 540g | $595 |
| Chorus Crank CT | 551g | $495 |
| Record Front Derailleur CT | 75g | $107 |
| Chorus CT Front derailleur | 78g | $85 |
So basically, you are paying in excess of $10/gram saved and the total savings vs. the standard Record which is 632g for aluminum and 500g for a standard Record crank.
Now if you get "FSA":, then they say you just lower the front derailleur by 10mm and you should be OK. This does require a swap out of the bottom bracket, so if more major surgery. They have a complex product line that looks like this (thanks to "Glory Cycles":, note that this includes a bottom bracket which weighs 190 grams in addition to the weight above, so you should compare the weights below to (190g+551g= 741 grams for carbon compact) and (190g + 632g = 822g).
| Component | Weight | Price |
| FSA Gossamer Compact | 860g | $180 |
| FSA SL-K Compact MegaExo | 765g | $330 |
The net is that that going to a FSA SL-K is $330-350 or so and saves about 57 grams but most important gives you a much lower gearing for old guys. Alternatively if you are a weight weenie with more money (than sense?), you can get the $500 Campy Chorus CT and save an additional 20 grams (price is $5/gram incrementally). Then you'd probably want the new front derailleur too to get the absolute best shifts in either case.