Sony T-350

!The Vaio VGN-T350, Sony’s new WiFi/Bluetooth/EDGE laptop – Engadget – After having some hardware trouble with my Sony T-140P/L and getting a new motherboard, I’ve been super happy with it and lots of folks at “Ignition”: have it.
But, computer lust continues. Now Sony has announce the latest edition to the “T-series”: T-350P/L. About $2000 street. What’s new, well, it includes an EDGE modem so that on Cingular, you get for $80/month unlimited data and automagic switching between Wifi and EDGE (this gives you about 80-100Kbps).
Not yet quite available, but the upper models now come with 60GB driver, DVD dual layer RW drives etc. About $2,200 according to “”:,__8872096/search=sony+t-350
There is the similar T-340P/L which is about $2000 according to “Pricegrabber”:,__8872094/search=sony+t-340 which is similar but doesn’t have the fancy DVD drive. A better buy really since I’m pretty sure most folks won’t be burning many DVDs with these things for those who want the Edge. Get the T-360P/L if you want 1GB of memory. List for $2400.
Otherwise, the Sony T-250P/L by the way is the same model line but without the EDGE technology and so a little cheaper at less than $2000 according to “Pricegrabber”: The T-140P/L is a little slower and only has a DVD/CD-RW but is just $1500 according to “Pricegrabber”:


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