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When I get board of scanning each slide in, I looked at these services. They are expensive at $1-2/slide or 35mm but when you consider it takes about 10 minutes per slide for me to do it myself, it doesn’t look so bad.

Larsen Digital Services. These guys are the top hit from google:”professional 35mm scanning” and look pretty good.

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  1. Dear Rich,
    Your entry “Scanning Services” came up during a Google search. I have a business that scans 35mm slides as well. However, my prices per slide are 1-10: $.99, 11-100: $.49, 100+: $.39 these are substantially cheaper than Larsen’s prices. In addition, dust removal, and photo restoration (manipulation) are Free for every image. Although my business is young, I already have satisfied customers. If you are interested, feel free to email me at


    Thanks for the note Jeff. I’ll look into it. Still figuring out what to do.

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