City Shop

!>!: “City Shop”: This is a super highend grocer in Shanghai. It is super expensive and convenient. The one we visited was right next to the ??? (Binjiangdian) “Riverside Shop”: right in the Citigroup Tower . The prices there are really amazing and it is probably best for produce. The signs say that they are doing mainly organic, although the individual labels don’t make that clear. For sundries, going to Metro probably makes more sense.

They have quite a few convenient “locations”: in Shanghai with one on Riverside the only one on the Pudong side at:
1F,West Side Citigroup Tower
33, Hua Yuan Shiqiao Rd (?????) or literally Flower Garden Rock Bridge Road) Lu Jia Zui,Pu Dong

Or reverse in the usual Chinese way as:

?? ??? ????? 33??????

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