Small Business Server 2003 SP1 Notes


OK, here are the tidbits that I gathered froma quick read of the “planning”: guide and also there are some SBS enthusiasts like “SBS Rocks”: and the very useful “Documentation by Task’: for SBS

* After you install SBS, you can *not* change the DNS name of the domain, the Netbios name or the computer name of your server without reinstalling!! So choose wisely at the beginning.
* There are “magic”: web addresses, so that you should be able to configure clients by going to http://ServerName/connectcomputer as a URL. You login as an admin on the client computer and you can do a setup.

In older windows NT and 2000, there was something called WINS that mapped the names that Windows likes to use (Netbios names) with names that the worldwide web likes to use (DNS names). with SBS 2003, it acts like a DNS Server, so when you register a machine to it as a Active Directory node (the old Domain controller), this registers the computer and its Netbios name. SBS then takes this and maps it to a DNS name. The names used are all of the form computername.local This does mane that the SBS server should be the first DNS server in the list for your router. That’s the mistake we made, we pointed all the addresses at the external internet so SBS could never resolve it.

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