Green T. House

“Green T. House”: is amazingly confusing to find because, for one thing, its chinese name (??? zi3 yun2 xuan1 or purple cloud pavillion) has nothing to do with its English name. It is a violet flower in Chinese. Also, it is on the side of a gigantic mall area call 100 Gongti Xi Lu where there is a big bowling alley. Some of the real locals at “BeijingEats”: think it is way over-rated though.

Still it is incredibly chic. I felt like I was in London at a nouveau Asian place. You need reservations and the seating is actually family style. The crowd doesn’t get there until late. John did the smart thing and took the recommendations of the waitress there. We got delicious beef, lobster and a really neat noodle dish that I’m still not sure what it is.

This is nouveau food, so don’t expect lots of it, but the presentation is just amazing. The nice thing is that since it is on club row, there are lots of cabs outside to take you home.

6 Gongti Xi Lu, Sanlitun, Beijing, China
Phone: 010-6552-8310

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