Mac Printing to Canon i9900

Mac Printing to Canon i9900

Now that I've been hacking away at the Mac, its time to print. Printing is actually pretty easy. There is a built in driver for the HP 4250n that I use, but for the Canon, you get deep into color management and so forth. I can't seem to get my Mac to find Windows print shares. Something to do with permissions I think, so in hooking it up with USB. It seems to work fine, except that borderless printing doesn't work. No word on why, but if you don't need borderless and don't mind the white stripe around then:

# "Canon" Go to Canon to load up the Mac OS X print drivers
# Plug in the Canon, Mac has a version of plug and play that recognizes the driver
# Start Photoshop CS2 and then start to hack away at the settings. The most important being setting CS2 to let Photoshop determine colors and then perceptual colormetric and black point compensation
# Since I'm use Red River paper, went over to the Red River site to download ICCs
# Make sure to use that ICC when printing and in the print driver make sure that Color management is turned off and that I'm on highest quality settings.

If you want borderless, then the only way I've found to do this is to use the Windows drivers. The other issue is that there is Canon Print monitor so you can't tell your ink levels. There is quite a bit of discussion about how crappy the Canon Mac OS X drivers are and I kind of agree. In this case it gets more complicated:

# Load Parallel or use Base Camp
# Install the PC version of Photoshop CS2
# Install the PC version of the drivers
# When you start Parallels, go to the lower right and enable USB printing for the i9900, so that PC Photoshop can see the USB
# Now you can set everything like the PC, but be careful not to use your Mac too much while printing. Because of the overhead, printing is very slow and if you play too much, the driver thinks the Canon is out of paper, but at least you get borderless

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