Time Machine Now Works with Airport Extreme USB Drives – Mac Rumors

Several readers report that Time Machine now supports backups to USB drives connected to your Airport Extreme basestation. This configuration essentially reproduces the functionality of Apple’s Time Capsule product.

2 responses to “Airport Extreme + USB Drive = Time Machine (again!)”

  1. Rich Avatar

    Interesting. I haven’t see the wifi going up and down randomly. It’s been rock solid at home and also the Seattle office. In terms of shutdown time, haven’t noticed that either. What does happen is since I have a password on the Time Capsule, it won’t automatically authenticate and start the backup, you have to enter Time Machine Preferences and change the drive and then it works. I’ll google around looking for your problem. Both the Extreme and the Time Capsule have worked amazingly well for me. So YMMV

  2. john Avatar

    i am not totally in love with the time capsule. the wireless connection goes up and down randomly and the shutdown time for my mac has now become 100x longer because some sync thing is going on. if i had to do it again i might not get the time capsule.

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