Wireless 5.1 Surround sound speakers

So what if you want surround sound say in the family room, but don’t have any easy way to run wires to the back? Logitech has their Z-5450 which is

Canon EF 16-35 F2.8/L II USM

Well, I have a pretty good kit of lenses tuned for the APS sized sensor on the Canon 350D but now with a full frame Canon 5D Mark II, many

Beijing Westin and Hot Pot

Wow, it sure ain’t warm here. Nice during the day, but at night, it goes from 1C to -7C, that’s quite a drop, from 33F to 16F and it is

Found it!

Well it took two trips and a careful scan of a digital photo taken three years ago but I found the house where my dad was born and raised. Ironically

Canon 5D Mark II first impressions and how to take basketball shots

Well, only taken a single set of shots, but first impressions: Wow, ISO 3200, man, does this change your life. The shots are grainy like say an ISO 800 on

Canon 5D Mark II Firmware

Well just taking the first shots with this bad boy, but already there is a firmware fix. Apparently there are is now a firmware fix. The camera comes with 1.0.6,

Kanye West

Another example of thesis, antithesis and synthesis. I admit it, I love Hip Hop. The thesis is simple, its vaccous stuff. Nothing like Dylan, Springsteen, U2 or the Dead. But,


Although it is easy to criticize the many hard things about airline travel, the fact is that it is easy to throw the baby out with the backwater. Am on


Well once in a lifetime, you get to buy a new toolset. I used one from my Dad and his old Craftsman lasted a long time, but what if you

Other Household stuff

Ok, so what if you have a list of things you need for a house, here are some that short circuits things: * Ladders. Cosco 2061 is $80 and a