Kanye West


Another example of thesis, antithesis and synthesis. I admit it, I love Hip Hop. The thesis is simple, its vaccous stuff. Nothing like Dylan, Springsteen, U2 or the Dead. But, I love it. Every since someone dear taught me to really listen to the lyrics, it is poetry.

Kanye West is the classic example of a great voice, bubble gum lyrics like the first song I heard from him exactly three years ago, Gold Digger. I’ll never forget listening with one headphone to his latest.

Now with his latest album 808, I’m confused. The antithesis, is that this is a great album. Great lyrics, great songs and real meaning. One of the few albums I can listen to nearly every track over and over. Get it if you can.

Here are some of my iconoclastic favorites:

* Heartless. My dedication to my own personal anti-thesis. I love the I’ve never met anyone so cold, so why am I up at 3AM talking with you.
* Welcome to Heartbreak. Wow, powerful stuff, how does a cool new sport car compare to a kids report card. To some, who cares about kids, they will take care of themselves. To others, kids are their whole life. For me the synthesis is both. If you give it all up, then what are you saying about yourselves. I want a sports car and kids report cards 🙂
* Love Lockdown. I’m in love with you, but the vibe is wrong. Wow, what a great synthesis. Rock on Kanye 🙂 It’s all about someone who can’t lose control despite wanting to in the most desperate way. I’m not loving you the way I want to. I can’t keep myself and keep you too. No more wasting time. You can’t wait around. Baby I’m confused. You choose. Hmmm.

Who writes these songs? So much for a bubble gum hip hop singer

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