Canon 5D Mark II Firmware


Well just taking the first shots with this bad boy, but already there is a firmware fix. Apparently there are is now a firmware fix. The camera comes with 1.0.6, so this is the first update. As an aside, the Samsung A750 47″ LCD Panel is sure good looking. Just watched a movie on it and had a chance to compare it with the Vizio 32 and 37 panels. It is way better…

Canon fix looks good for SLR’s ‘black dot’ glitch | Underexposed – CNET News

anon on Wednesday released new firmware for its EOS 5D Mark II camera that the company said “improves and mitigates” the “black dot” problem that marred some images from the high-profile, high-end SLR.

Version 1.0.7 of the 5D Mark II firmware software is downloadable from Canon’s Web site. (I encountered some dead ends on the site, but eventually found the 9MB download on the U.S. site at this address.)

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