Fit PC2i

Well now that the Raspberry Pi is running and I actually understand it somewhat, its time to move on to the Fit PC-2i that I’ve had in the closet. We

Raspberry Pi Booted

I finally got my SD card and so spent the evening trying to get the Raspberry Pi running. Which i finally worked. Although it wasn’t super easy even if you

Netcams step out…

Well, these devices are getting so good. CES shows that they are moving fast. But by the spring, you should be able to get the ideal camera. One that is

Rewards Malls

Most credit cards have programs where if you click through a particular portal, you get additional. Here are some I use: Mileage Plus Shopping. It doesn’t even matter if you

Recover Mac OS X root password

Mac OS X Recover Lost Root Password | a Tech-Recipes Tutorial If you have the password to an account that is an administrator on the system, then it is easy

MacBook Air ssd

We have one of the original MacBook airs (2009) and it is sloooow. Geeksbench verifies that is running about 2500 compared with a modern MacBook Air (2011) running at 5000.

Fast USB 3.0 flash drives and SD Cards

Try saying that three times fast. Here is the scoop. USB 3.0 is very fast. I can be faster than a hard disk. You can get speeds up but it

Refrigerator brain lock

ll I guess it had to happen, left the freezer door accidentally open, the microprocessor didn’t like trying to turn the whole house 0F, so instead of just grinding away,

Synology DS1812+ Update

Well I switched to generic RAID-6 and added three additional 3-TB drives successfully, so I haven’t had a data loss. Also switched to two link aggregated gigabit channels and jumbo

Free content you didn't know that you had…

Ok, with all this digital content everywhere, chances you are licensed to things and you don’t even know it. Here is a guide to finding things: Matcha is a really