Refrigerator brain lock

ll I guess it had to happen, left the freezer door accidentally open, the microprocessor didn’t like trying to turn the whole house 0F, so instead of just grinding away, it crashed and turned the entire refrigerator off. Apparently fairly common, you have to do a “reboot”: Flip the circuit breaker off or unplug it […]

Synology DS1812+ Update

Well I switched to generic RAID-6 and added three additional 3-TB drives successfully, so I haven’t had a data loss. Also switched to two link aggregated gigabit channels and jumbo packets (this is complicated to setup!) Right now Blackmagic Disk test reports that I’m getting 100MBps read and write over the network (?!!!). That’s pretty […]

Free content you didn't know that you had…

Ok, with all this digital content everywhere, chances you are licensed to things and you don’t even know it. Here is a guide to finding things: Matcha is a really nice application. It shows you want is available online and where. For instance right now Bourne Legacy is only available on Apple iTunes Store and […]

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